‘Herkimer Diamond’ Silver Moon Pendant




Herkimer Diamond Silver Moon Pendant combines the magic of the moon with the warmth of our favorite gemstone.

Herkimer Quartz Diamonds- These crystals are a manifestation of pure, solidified spiritual light. Herkimer diamonds help purify one’s energy field and attune one to the white Light of the Divine Essence. Wearing Herkimer ‘Diamonds’ can give one the grace of a constant connection to the higher spiritual domains. These stones are popular stones to use for dream and vision work. They activate and open the crown and third-eye areas, stimulating inner vision and a heightened dream state. They are useful in lucid dream work, as they help one remain conscious in the physically unconscious state.

  • Faceted “Herkimer Diamond” 
  • Set in Sterling Silver
  • Pendant Measures approximately 1.2 inches in Length
  • Comes on Silver Rhodium 24″ Chain 
  • Unique Product of Nature – Color, Shape, and Markings May Vary

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